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A common question is how to use your smartphone while travelling overseas and not end up with a very expensive international roaming bill on your home phone plan – which is what will happen if you do not plan ahead!

Options to access data while travelling include paying for an international pass through your home phone network, however this can often be very expensive with a very small data limit. The options which usually end up being the most cost effective is to either rent a pocket wifi device, purchase a pre-paid sim card or to purchase an eSim plan on your phone.

Most people find that they can travel effectively with a data only option, as you can easily message home and businesses using apps like Whatsapp, social media and email, and not need to use your normal phone call or text messaging options.

While there can be a lot of free wifi options as you travel, there are security issues with this option, plus you need to log in individually into each wifi hotspot which takes extra time. Having your own dedicated data provider means that you set it up once and then just get on with your day, with confidence that you have a good level of data to suit your needs.

About eSim Plan Options

A recent technological advancement is the eSim (or embedded Sim), where you can get the functions of a sim card without having to physically insert a physical sim card into your phone. Most recent phones have the eSim function, so it is worthwhile to also consider this option.

There are eSim plans which will work either in a single country, a region or worldwide, so you should be able to find a cost effective option for your trip. Click here to check out our article on eSim plan options to learn more.

About Pocket Wifi Rental Options

A pocket wifi is a great option because you just turn it on, log into the wifi hotspot and then you are good to go for up to 5-10+ devices. The only additional thing is to remember to recharge your pocket wifi each night. You may also be able to rent a backup battery with your pocket wifi, as that ensures you will not run out of charge during a big day out exploring! Click here to check out our article on pocket wifi rental options to learn more.

About Prepaid Sim Card Options

There are a broad range of both data only sim cards and data+voice+SMS sim cards available depending on your destination. Some cards will only work in one country, whilst others will work in multiple countries. Of note is that you need to be confident to change the physical sim card in your phone and go through the set up process for the new sim card. Click here to check out our article on prepaid sim card options for tourists to learn more.