Best eSim Plans for Travel [2023 & 2024]

A common question is how to find the best eSim plans for travel, to ensure that you have access to secure data and the ability to make voice calls and use SMS messages for your trip.

eSims (or an embedded Sim) are a great recent technological advancement to get the functions of a sim card without having to physically insert a physical sim card into your phone. Most recent phones now have the eSim option. If you have an older phone without eSim then check out our best sim card options article.

There are eSim plans which will work either in a single country, a region or worldwide, so you should be able to find a cost effective option for your trip. If you are travelling as a group or are not confident to set up the eSim on your phone then you may want to consider renting a pocket wifi.

We have written a large number of articles to help people find the best eSim plans for travel for specific destinations, including Japan and South Korea. They are also detailed below to help you plan this aspect of your visit.

Best eSim Plans for Tourists

Our recommended eSim provider is Airalo, who offer a comprehensive range of eSim plans for over 190 countries, regions and also globally. They have affordable eSim plan options for low, medium and high data users for periods of one week to six months for which you will receive instant confirmation and access through the Airalo app.

Click through on the below link to check out the options through Airalo. Choose your specific destination to see and select the relevant options. There are tabs at the top of the screen to see local, regional and global eSim options for your destination country.

Click here to check out and purchase your eSim plans through Airalo

Airalo eSim Plans

Japan eSim Plans for Tourists

South Korea eSim Plans for Tourists