Best Sim Card for Tourists [2023 & 2024]

A common question is how to find the best sim card for tourists to use while you are travelling, to ensure that you have access to secure data and the ability to make voice calls and use SMS messages for your trip.

There are a broad range of both data only sim cards and data+voice+SMS sim cards available depending on your destination. Some cards will only work in one country, whilst others will work in multiple countries. Of note is that you need to be confident to change the physical sim card in your phone and go through the set up process for the new sim card. If you are not confident then you may be better off renting a pocket wifi.

A recent technological advancement is the eSim, where you can get the functions of a sim card without having to physically insert a physical sim card into your phone. Most recent phones have the eSim function, so it is worthwhile to also consider this option. You should therefore check out our article on eSim options to learn more.

We have written a large number of articles to help people find the best sim card for tourists for this trip to specific destinations, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Europe and Hong Kong. They are also detailed below to help you plan this aspect of your visit.

Best Sim Card for Tourists

Our recommended sim card provider is SimCorner, who offer a comprehensive selection of sim card options for individual countries, regions and also globally. They have affordable data only sim card options for low, medium and high data users for periods of one week to six months which will be delivered to you before you depart. For most tourists a data only sim card will suffice, as you can use other messaging apps to communicate with home and businesses.

Click through on the below link to check out the options through SimCorner. Choose your specific destination to see and select the relevant options.

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