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We are Anne and Tony Sutherland-Smith, travel bloggers who live in Sydney, Australia with our three children.

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A closer look at the Floating Torii Gate on Miyajima Island
Anne and Tony at the Floating Torii Gate on Miyajima Island in Japan

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More on Australian Travel Blogger Anne Sutherland-Smith

Anne has loved travel ever since she was a 7 year old getting on her first airplane to live with her family in Kenya for three years.

Her parents really made an effort to make the most of their stay so they had adventures ranging from camping in a tent in Masaii Mara Game Reserve (no, I don’t need to go to the toilet during the night), to exploring the historic town of Mombasa with no spare clothes after the airline lost all of their luggage!  She was absolutely hooked…

At the age of 20 she departed on her first solo trip to backpack around Europe for 9 weeks and the rest is history.

More on Australian Travel Blogger Tony Sutherland-Smith

Tony started travelling a bit later than Anne, but always wanted to do more.  When Anne and Tony first met in their mid 20’s he had a large stack of travel brochures in his cupboard, but had not managed to take his dreams beyond the planning stage! 

It was not long before they started to travel.  Their first trip was to Hong Kong, and they have subsequently travelled to Vanuatu, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, as well as many destinations within Australia.  Since starting their family they have taken many family trips.

Over the past 20 years they have lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and also have family spread all over Australia.  They have made the most of local travel options in every location. 

Akihabara Maid Cafe Experience
Akihabara Maid Cafe Experience in Japan

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