Best Pocket Wifi Rental for Tourists [2023 & 2024]

A common question for tourists is how to find the best pocket wifi rental to use while you are travelling, to ensure that you have access to secure data for your trip. A pocket wifi is also known as a portable wifi or a wifi hotspot device.

A pocket wifi is a great option because you just turn it on, log into the wifi hotspot and then you are good to go for up to 5-10+ devices. The only additional thing is to remember to recharge your pocket wifi each night. You may also be able to rent a backup battery with your pocket wifi, as that ensures you will not run out of charge during a big day out exploring!

We have written a large number of articles to help people find the best pocket wifi rental for this trip to specific destinations, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. They are also detailed below to help you plan this aspect of your visit.

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Best Pocket Wifi Rental for Tourists

A great pocket wifi rental or purchase option which will work in over 135 countries is a Solis Pocket Wifi. You can either purchase outright or rent per day, plus shipping costs to get it delivered before you depart. You can purchase Unlimited Day passes, pay per data used or monthly subscription options are available, all through the single easy to use Solis app. Add on services include a optional VPN.

The Solis 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot can have up to 10 connected devices, and can be delivered to your home (both rental and purchase options) before you depart and returned by mail (if rental option selected).

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