Journey to Outback Australia: Wrap Up

Was our journey to outback New South Wales worthwhile?  I had initially been unsure whether I wanted to travel such long distances.  We had considered some other holiday options before committing to this trip.

Along our 3427 km (2130 mile) route we had a surprisingly diverse range of experiences.  We enjoyed exploring aspects of the current and historical mining industry and its impact on developing outback New South Wales.  We also enjoyed some amazing landscapes including the clear night sky.  And we also learnt more about the Aboriginal culture of the region.  In addition, we all returned with a better appreciation of the size of Australia

Mt Grenfell Aboriginal Art near Cobar Australia
Aboriginal Art at Mt Grenfell, near Cobar in Outback Australia

We also enjoyed having a block of time where our family was all together, away from the usual routine of work, school and childcare.

The standout experiences for our family were many.  It is hard to differentiate any particular experience as the best as it was the combination of different activities which made the trip memorable.

I would definitely recommend people to take their own outback Australia trip.  While there is a lot of driving there are many gems to explore along the way.

It has taken me a while to write the story of our outback trip as we have been moving house from Sydney to Brisbane.  I have already had a look at a possible trip option to drive to the Longreach, Winton and Mt Isa region of outback Queensland.  Hmmm more stations, mines and dinosaur fossils!

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