How to Buy Sumo Wrestling Tickets for Tourists [2023]

How to Buy Sumo Wrestling Tickets

When we were planning our recent trip to Japan, we decided early that we were keen to see a sumo wrestling tournament in Tokyo during our visit as a different way to experience the Japanese culture – and it certainly was a great experience which I would definitely recommend to other visitors to Japan! You … Read more

Heading to Japan? Want to Buy the Cheapest Japan Rail JR Pass? Read This. [2023]

Japan Rail Pass

When you start planning your trip to Japan a key question for most travellers is whether you need to buy a Japan Rail JR Pass and what is the cheapest option.  If you search in Google for Japan Rail Passes you are immediately inundated with many websites advertising themselves as the best place to buy … Read more

Rent the Best Pocket Wifi in Japan for Visitors [2023]

Pocket Wifi Rental Japan

Are you overwhelmed trying to work out how to stay connected while travelling through Japan without incurring hefty roaming charges? Having travelled extensively throughout Japan, we’ve personally used and compared Japan pocket wifi rental devices for our own family to enable us to share comprehensive reviews with you. Our top pick is the Unlimited Data Japan Wireless Pocket Wifi Rental. … Read more

How to Buy Tokyo Baseball Tickets Including Yomiuri Giants Tickets in 2023

How to Buy Tokyo Baseball Tickets including Yomiuri Giants

Baseball is the most popular amateur and professional sport in Japan and we can confirm that Japanese baseball games are an amazing experience!  After hearing about the Japanese love of baseball, we definitely wanted to attend a baseball game during our family trip to Japan.  We ended up attending a sold-out match between the Yomiuri … Read more

Best Mt Fuji Climbing Tour for 2023

Best Mt Fuji Climbing Tour

A common bucket list activity for people travelling to Japan is to climb the iconic landmark Mt Fuji.  Options to complete the climb include climbing independently or purchasing a climb Mt Fuji tour.  The focus of this article is to assist you to find the best Mt Fuji climbing tour as well as pointing you … Read more