Wrap Up: Best Vietnam Travel Tips

The thought of visiting Vietnam conjures images of hustle bustle cities, amazing landscapes and fantastic food.

We are currently thinking about Vietnam as a possible option for our next family holiday, and I came across three great articles to share with to help fire your inspiration to visit this amazing country.

A view over Halong Bay in Vietnam
A view over Halong Bay in Vietnam

Vietnam Fantasy Five: The Five H’s to Have in Your Vietnam Itinerary

Paul Xymon Garcia of the Walk, Fly, Pinoy travel blog has written a great article on Melted Stories which gives some great reasons to visit the five ‘H’’s of Vietnam.  Along with some fantastic photographs come along and enjoy the ride!

The most delicious soups for two dollars, quality (and I mean, quality) backpacker accommodations for less than 10 dollars, and affordable transport options to get to your next destination.

Vietnam is easily one of the cheapest places in the world to travel in. For what little amount you pay, you get rewarded with a lot of things: stunning natural scenery, electric urban landscapes and, I cannot stress this enough, the tastiest food you will ever find anywhere.

So here’s my take. If ever you travel to Vietnam (and you should), here are the five places I suggest you have in your Vietnam itinerary. Easy to remember. Just think of the five H’s.  Read more about the five places to include in your Vietnam itinerary…


The Secret to Travelling Halong Bay Independently

Tiffany Wuest from the World Meets Girl travel blog shares a great tip to travel independently in Halong Bay, which is one of the most overtouristed areas in Vietnam. 

Halong Bay, with its 1600 limestone islands rising spectacularly from perfectly still water, is undoubtedly one of the most popular spots in Vietnam and accordingly, it can get a bit crowded there. Even in the off season, tour busses unload heaps of travellers into the waiting arms of touts and boat companies, where they are then in turn herded onto boats and shipped around the bay for a few hours. I’m no fan of the masses and being caught in a big crowd of wide eyed sheeple shooting flashes at attractions a mile away. Having heard bad things about the budget trips, I felt like I needed to do this thing some other way.

It was a bit tricky to figure out how to do Halong Bay independently, since all the information I could find was of the usual boat tours, ranging from one to several days, but not much in between. Everything seemed to point towards the fact, that doing things yourself in Halong Bay was pretty difficult or, depending on who you ask, nearly impossible. Apparently, travellers just NEEDED to stick to tours to get something out of it. Then I read about Cat Ba, the biggest and one of the only populated islands in the region, which had a couple hotels on it and decided to base myself there for a few days and just kind of figure things out from there.  Read more about travelling independently to Halong Bay…

Some Travel Facts from Vietnam We Love!

Shereen and Dylan from the Travelling Postcards travel blog share some great insights into Vietnamese culture!

As we head into the middle of Vietnam later tonight on our second overnight train to Hoi An, I would like to share some interesting facts on Vietnam, it’s nothing major, however, they are worth being noted down in my notebook.  Read more about the Vietnamese culture, demography, language, religion and history…


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Are you also thinking about visiting Vietnam?  Or have you been already?  Please share your experiences in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Wrap Up: Best Vietnam Travel Tips”

  1. I have been to Vietnam, twice. Unfortunately, I had a very negative experience and it is one of only two countries (out of over 80) that I have no desire whatsoever to return to. Plenty of people would disagree with me though so hopefully you have an awesome time!

    The Halong Bay cruise was actually my highlight! So I am very glad I did not do that part independently. Hoi An was also awesome.

    • Sharon, thanks for your comment. I am sad to hear about your previous Vietnam experiences. I guess that a range of things can make a place become a ‘no desire to go back’ location and every person has a different experience.

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