Travel Photography: Are You Protected?

Your travel photos are unique and irreplaceable and while travelling your photos are at higher risk of being lost or stolen.  Implementing tactics to back up your photos as you travel will ensure you have all of your photos when you return home.

Several years ago our digital camera was stolen off my shoulder while exploring the town of Assisi in Italy.  We had backed up our photos the previous day by copying them onto DVDs at a photo shop.  We quickly purchased a new camera and were able to re-shoot some of our photos as we were still in the same area.  But if we had already moved on that option would not have been possible.

The digital age has moved forward since that trip but the basic principles are still the same.  Before you depart you need to decide how you will back up your photos as you travel.  Three different photo back up options are detailed below.

Copy Photos to a DVD or USB Storage Device

A cheap way to transfer your photos from your camera memory is to regularly visit a photo shop and get your photos copied to DVD or a USB storage device.  If you get two copies made you can then keep one set in your luggage and mail the other DVD or USB device home as your backup.

Upload Your Photos

A great option to both backup your photos and share them with your family and friends is to upload your photos.  The uploading process can be done either directly or indirectly depending on the features of your camera.

Directly uploading your photos to an internet based storage service on the internet is a genuine option with both mobile phone cameras and Wi-Fi connected cameras.  Ensure that the storage service you choose will enable you to download the full size photos when you return home.  Online Photo Storage Options Article provides an excellent summary of the various online photo storage options which will help you to choose which internet based storage service is right for you.

You can indirectly upload your photos by initially downloading your photos from your camera to a tablet, netbook or notebook computer.  You can then connect your computer to the internet to upload your photos.

Print Your Photos

An old fashioned and heavier method to back up your photos is to progressively get two hardcopies of all of your photos printed.  You can post one set home and retain one set in your luggage.



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