Wrap Up: Best Packing Light Tips for Travellers

I always aim to pack light for every trip.  But I rarely go on a trip where I feel that I have reached the packing light nirvana.

Many bloggers have written articles with packing light tips which can help you to aspire to the true freedom of travelling with minimal encumbrances.  Here are some different perspectives, ranging from more utilitarian approaches through to the fashionista approach to packing light!

Packing Light when Travelling7 Deadly Sins of Travel Packing

Here is my contribution to the packing light continuum.  Lets just say that these tips come as a result of getting it wrong so many times!

We struggled miserably up the five flights of stairs to our pensione in Vernazza as a result of hand-carrying the two extra bags we had purchased along the way through France.  Both of our backpacks were backsprain-inducing heavy and I couldn’t understand why we had so much stuff after only three weeks of travelling.  Our initial load of one medium sized backpack each should have sufficed for our trip.

Deciding what to take with you on your dream trip can be challenging.  Every person is different in terms of the activities they intend to indulge in.  Here are the seven deadly sins of travel packing…  Read more…

Real Life One Bag Travel – 5 Common Packing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Jo Karnaghan from the frugalfirstclasstravel blog is a stylish lady and she is an expert at looking good while travelling! 

Everyone I know wants to pack less and pack better for their next trip – but so many people think a small, carry on bag as your only luggage is an impossible ask.  Here are 5 of the most common mistakes I see in other people’s bags, and how I avoid them…  Read more…

5 Light Packing Tips for Long-Term Travelers

Jim Cheney from the Tripologist blog is more on the utilitarian end of the scale and he shares some great tips for longer term travellers.

The thought of traveling for several weeks, several months, or even longer with just one small bag can be intimidating. After all, you’re trying to pack for weeks in a suitcase or backpack that you would normally use for a weekend trip away. However, when you’re on the road, the convenience of traveling with a light bag can’t be overstated. They are easier to carry, to store, and to manage in crowded places.

When I first bought a backpack and started to get my things together, I tried to bring way too much. However, after having completed two major trips with just a backpack, I’ve learned a few things about packing light.

Here are my top five light packing tips.  Read more…

How to Pack Light Part II: My 3 Best Packing Tips

Gabi Logan from the Ecotraveller blog has a great strategic approach to packing your bag which is worth reading!

If you’re going to pack light, you can’t just use good packing technique (though we’ll cover that in the next post) and roll like a flight attendant. You’ve got to have a strategy.

When you try to bring everything you think you’ll need, you’re guaranteed to end up with heavy bags full of things you don’t end up using.

I travel the world with one tiny, Ryan Air-approved rolling bag and never want for anything because I follow these three strategies when figured out what to pack.  Read more…

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Do you succeed in packing light?  Or is travelling with a single small lightweight bag a nirvana you are never going to achieve?  Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

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