Travel Gadgets: Travel Camera Options Explained

A camera is an essential gadget for almost every traveller.  There are several different camera options available which are suitable to take with you on your vacation.

Phone Cameras

An easy option for people who are only taking snapshots is to use the camera in your mobile phone.  The newer generation of smartphones have good quality and resolution cameras which may be adequate for many people.  Issues to be aware of are limited memory on your phone.  An advantage of using a mobile phone camera is that it is very easy to upload your photos directly to photo sharing sites.

Point and Shoot Cameras

The advantage of a point and shoot camera is that they are tiny and easy to carry, have a higher memory capacity and battery life than a phone and usually have better quality lenses.  The new generation of point and shoot cameras also incorporate Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to transfer your photos directly to the internet.

Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Cameras

It can be tempting to purchase an SLR camera.  An SLR camera set on automatic will take better photos than a camera phone or point and shoot camera due to having better light sensors and optics.  The trade-off is a much larger and heavier camera and lenses that you have to carry everywhere. 

A key issue to realise is that buying an expensive camera will not make you a better photographer.  The art of photography takes training, time, effort and much experimentation to learn.  If you are buying a SLR camera just before your trip you cannot expect to automatically take professional level photos.

Film Cameras

An advantage of film cameras is that they do not need to be recharged as often as a digital camera.  Swapping film is quick and easy.  If you are travelling to a third world country with limited power and download options then a film camera may be a good choice to record your vacation.  Investigate options to pre-purchase film in bulk and also understand what the film processing options and costs will be upon your return.


6 thoughts on “Travel Gadgets: Travel Camera Options Explained”

  1. I think now a days no one use to take camera with him/her as mobile is having all the facility today and even much more better than the camera..

  2. I agree. Personally I will always opt for a point and shoot camera at the moment due to battery charge issues.
    I think smartphones will increase in usage for travel photography, as there are already some great apps to mange and edit your photos directly on your phone.

  3. Even if there are already lots of phones with cameras, I still prefer to use a REAL camera whenever I travel. I believe that photos taken by cameras are still much better than phone cameras. This is especially true if you have a digital camera.
    About film cameras, I think I will never opt to use one if I have a digital cam. I think it’s easier to charge a cam than to buy new batteries. Also, digi cams have advantages like you can easily delete photos if you don’t like them and you can also immediately see the photos you’ve taken.

  4. I reckon the best sort of camera for travel these days is an easy to carry camera capable of stills and video.

    • Thanks for your comment. I think the best camera will differ for each person depending on what they intend to capture. Some people like still photos, others like video, and another group like to use some of each.

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