Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs for 2017

Welcome to the 2017 edition of the ranked list of the top Australian and New Zealand travel blogs.  I have assessed and ranked 212 travel blogs (plus an additional 25 travel blogs who approached me after this list was published), and I have also provided more specific breakdowns for top travel blogs with Australian, New Zealand, family, adventure, 4WD, Motorcycle, RV, Caravan and Campervan and drone categories.

This is now my fourth year of producing this annual post and my past efforts have been very well received.  Most of the listed travel blogs have received a regular stream of visitors as a result of the previous list article holding the top ranking article position in Google for the ‘australian travel blogs’ and ‘new zealand travel blogs’ keywords.

Dec 17 Update:  I wanted to let you all know that I have decided not to continue producing this annual update.  For Australian Travel Bloggers looking to connect with the travel industry I suggest that you check out and sign up to the Australian Travel Bloggers website.

How Many Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs Are There?

In my previous list I assessed 138 blogs – this time around I have assessed 212 blogs – and there are undoubtedly some more who aren’t on my list.  If you missed out please check the assessment criteria below and if you think you should have been included please let me know about your blog in the comments below and I will add your blog to my list to be reviewed next time (noting that I only produce these posts once per year…).

Travel Blog Assessment Criteria

My blog assessment and ranking approach includes the following criteria:

  1. The blog must have some link to Australia or New Zealand – this includes people who were born or raised in either country, a blog with a substantial focus on Australia or New Zealand, or a blog where the writer is spending a significant amount of time living in either country, for example as a long term expat or here on a working holiday visa.  A three week visit two years ago doesn’t quite cut it…  :-).  I had a number of cases where travel blogs which previously met this criteria needed to be removed from the list, as they no longer had any recent clear connection with either Australia or New Zealand – think expats who were in country for a while and who have since moved on.
  2. The blog must be active, with travel related articles published in the past three months (and yes, I check every site :)).
  3. The blog must have a substantial amount of travel articles – at least 50% of the content in the last three months needs to be travel related.
  4. The blog must have its own domain name (ie., not or

How to Make Money from Blogging

If you are interested in learning how to make money from blogging I can definitely recommend that you purchase the ebook How to Make Money from Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Earning a Five Figure Income from Your Blog by Sharon Gourlay.  Sharon is a very credible resource to help you learn how to make the most of your blog – I have followed her and implemented her strategies for several years now and have learnt so much and achieved a lot over this period.

How to make Money from Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Earning a Five Figure Income from Your Blog

Ranked Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs

The blogs have been ranked purely using their current Domain Authority (sourced from MOZ Open Site Explorer).  Domain Authority is a number out of a maximum of 100, with a higher number indicating a website which has a higher level of authoritative backlinks relative to other websites.

Please note that Domain Authority is not necessarily a true indicator of actual website traffic but it is a useful indicator of the relative ranking for websites.  Where a site has recently rebranded and redirected to a new domain name I have used their previous domain name ranking to assess their overall ranking.

Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Bloggers for 2017

Top 35 Ranked Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs

The top 35 ranked travel blogs have Domain Authority between 62 and 40, and each of these blogs is competitive in the global travel blogging industry and most are operated as substantial blogging businesses.

1Y Travel Blogwww.ytravelblog.comAustralia
2Young Adventuresswww.youngadventuress.comNew Zealand
3Nomadic Noteswww.nomadicnotes.comAustralia
4Mapping Meganwww.mappingmegan.comAustralia
5Time Travel Turtlewww.timetravelturtle.comAustralia
6Travel With Benderwww.travelwithbender.comAustralia
8Get In The Hot Spotwww.getinthehotspot.comAustralia
9Indie Travel Podcastwww.indietravelpodcast.comNew Zealand
10World of Wanderlustwww.worldofwanderlust.comAustralia
11Contented Travellerwww.contentedtraveller.comAustralia
12Exploramum & Explorasonwww.exploramum.comAustralia
13Her Packing Listwww.herpackinglist.comAustralia
14The Travel Tartwww.thetraveltart.comAustralia
15Bitten By The Travel Bugwww.bittenbythetravelbug.comAustralia
16Flashpacker Familywww.flashpackerfamily.comNew Zealand
18Our Oysterwww.ouroyster.comAustralia
19Albom Adventureswww.albomadventures.comNew Zealand
20Backpacker Banterwww.backpackerbanter.comAustralia
21Suitcase Storieswww.suitcasestories.comAustralia
22Aussie On the Roadwww.aussieontheroad.comAustralia
24Where’s Sharonwww.wheressharon.comAustralia
25A Taste of Travelwww.atasteoftravelblog.comAustralia
26Anita Hendriekawww.anitahendrieka.comNew Zealand
27Four Jandalswww.fourjandals.comNew Zealand
28Love Swahwww.loveswah.comAustralia
29Not A Ballerinawww.notaballerina.comAustralia
30Big World Small Pocketswww.bigworldsmallpockets.comAustralia
31Girl Tweets Worldwww.girltweetsworld.comAustralia
32Journey Jottingswww.journeyjottings.comAustralia
33Rocky Travelwww.rockytravel.netAustralia
34What’s Dave Doingwww.whatsdavedoing.comNew Zealand

Top 36th -105th Ranked Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs

The blogs ranked between 36th – 105th positions each have Domain Authorities between 39 and 30, and these are mostly well established travel blogs who have usually been operating for multiple years and have built a good framework of links and a large body of content.  The blogs are a mixture of full time and part time travel bloggers, some running businesses and others running their blogs as hobbies.

38Make Time To See the Worldwww.maketimetoseetheworld.comAustralia
40Travelling Kingwww.travellingking.comAustralia
41Toddlers on
42Wyld Family Travelwww.wyldfamilytravel.comAustralia
43Backpacking Mattwww.backpackingmatt.comNew Zealand
44Boy Eats
45Budget Travel Talkwww.budgettraveltalk.comAustralia
47Jon is Travellingwww.jonistravelling.comNew Zealand
49The Global Couplewww.theglobalcouple.comNew Zealand
50The Kid Bucket
51Bound Roundwww.boundround.comAustralia
52Bren on the Roadwww.brenontheroad.comNew Zealand
53Have Wheelchair Will Travelwww.havewheelchairwilltravel.netAustralia
55Hello Sydney
562 Aussie Travellerswww.2aussietravellers.comAustralia
57Adventure, Baby!www.christineknight.meAustralia
58Adventures All Aroundwww.adventuresallaround.comAustralia
59Flying The Nestwww.flyingthenest.tvAustralia
61The Travelling Lindfieldswww.thetravellinglindfields.comAustralia
62Vagrants of the Worldwww.vagrantsoftheworld.comAustralia
63Lifestyle Fiftywww.lifestylefifty.comAustralia
64A Hole in My Shoewww.aholeinmyshoe.comAustralia
66Food and
67Holy Smithereenswww.holysmithereens.comAustralia
68Mr and Mrs Romancewww.mrandmrsromance.comAustralia
69The Grey
70Venga, Vale, Vamoswww.vengavalevamos.comAustralia
7150 Shades of Agewww.50shadesofage.comAustralia
73Holidays to
74The Road to Anywherewww.theroadtoanywhere.comAustralia
75The Trusted Travellerwww.thetrustedtraveller.comAustralia
76Tiki Touring Kiwiwww.tikitouringkiwi.comNew Zealand
77A Globe Well Travelledwww.aglobewelltravelled.comAustralia
78Blogger At Large Travelwww.bloggeratlarge.comNew Zealand
79Compass and Forkwww.compassandfork.comAustralia
80Department of Wanderingwww.departmentofwandering.comAustralia
82Straight on Detourwww.straightondetour.comAustralia
83Sydney Moving Guidewww.sydneymovingguide.comAustralia
84The Travelling Lightwww.thetravellinglight.comAustralia
85Aussie Flashpackerwww.theaussieflashpacker.comAustralia
86Chantae Was Herewww.chantae.comAustralia
87Drink Tea & Travelwww.drinkteatravel.comAustralia
88Food Wine Travelwww.foodwinetravel.blogAustralia
89Little Grey Boxwww.littlegreybox.netAustralia
90Our 3 Kids vs The Worldwww.our3kidsvtheworld.comAustralia
91Polka Dot Passportwww.polkadotpassport.comAustralia
92rtw Travel Guidewww.rtw-travel-guide.comNew Zealand
94Tot: Hot or Notwww.tothotornot.comAustralia
95To Travel Toowww.totraveltoo.comAustralia
96Travel and Beyondwww.travelandbeyond.orgAustralia
97Travel Boating Lifestylewww.travelboatinglifestyle.comAustralia
98Man vs Worldwww.manversusworld.comNew Zealand
99The Traveller’s Guide by #ljojlowww.hashtagljojlo.comAustralia
100Nomad’er How Farwww.nomaderhowfar.comAustralia
101The Fit Travellerwww.thefittraveller.comAustralia
102The Wandering Lenswww.thewanderinglens.comAustralia
103They Get Aroundwww.theygetaround.comAustralia
104Travelling Typewww.travellingtype.comAustralia

Top 106th – 177th Ranked Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs

The blogs ranked between the 106th and 177th positions each have Domain Authorities between 29 and 20, and these are mostly well established travel blogs who have usually been operating for multiple years and have built a good framework of links and a large body of content.  The blogs are a mixture of full time and part time travel bloggers, some running businesses and others running their blogs as hobbies.

106Beer and Croissantswww.beerandcroissants.comAustralia
107Little Nomadswww.littlenomads.comAustralia
108Live. Travel.
109Melissa Findleywww.melissa-findley.comAustralia
110Migrating Misswww.migratingmiss.comNew Zealand
111Sydney Expertwww.sydneyexpert.comAustralia
112Travelling Appleswww.travellingapples.comAustralia
113Who Needs Mapswww.whoneedsmaps.comAustralia
114A Glass Half Fullwww.aglasshalf-full.comAustralia
115Bare Kiwiwww.barekiwi.comNew Zealand
116Dive PlanItwww.diveplanit.comAustralia
117Escape With Kidswww.escapewithkids.comAustralia
118Frugal Frolickerwww.frugalfrolicker.comAustralia
119Go Camping Australiawww.gocampingaustralia.comAustralia
120Happiness and Thingswww.happinessandthings.comAustralia
121Little Aussie
122Roaming Requiredwww.roamingrequired.comAustralia
123The Global Goddesswww.theglobalgoddess.comAustralia
124The World On My Necklacewww.theworldonmynecklace.comNew Zealand
125This Island Lifewww.thisislandlife.comAustralia
127Travel Outback Australiawww.traveloutbackaustralia.comAustralia
129Exploring Kiwiswww.exploringkiwis.comNew Zealand
130Lots a Fresh Airwww.lotsafreshair.comAustralia
131Mum Pack
132Traveling Honeybirdwww.travelinghoneybird.comAustralia
133West Australian Explorerwww.westaustralianexplorer.comAustralia
135Bubs on the Movewww.bubsonthemove.comAustralia
136Feet on Foreign Landswww.feetonforeignlands.comAustralia
137Lets Go Mum
138Redz Australiawww.redzaustralia.comAustralia
139Sofia na Australiawww.sofianaaustralia.comAustralia
1404WDing Australiawww.4wdingaustralia.comAustralia
141Adventure Mummawww.adventuremumma.comAustralia
142An Ocean Awaywww.anoceanaway.netNew Zealand
143Four Around The Worldwww.fouraroundtheworld.comAustralia
144Hiking Fiascowww.hikingfiasco.comAustralia
145Sarah Sees the Worldwww.sarahseestheworld.comNew Zealand
146The Urban
147Travel Live Learnwww.travellivelearn.comAustralia
148World Travel Tribewww.worldtraveltribe.comAustralia
149Distant Francophilewww.distantfrancophile.comAustralia
150La Vida Globalwww.lavidaglobal.comAustralia
151This Wkndrwww.thiswkndr.comAustralia
152Mr and Mrs Amoswww.mrandmrsamos.comAustralia
153Sophee Smileswww.sopheesmiles.comAustralia
154Taking to the Open Roadwww.takingtotheopenroad.comAustralia
155The World As Bec Sees Itwww.theworldasbecseesit.comAustralia
156Together We
157The Travelling Tomwww.thetravellingtom.comAustralia
158A French Collectionwww.afrenchcollection.comAustralia
159A Modern Wayfarerwww.amodernwayfarer.comAustralia
161All Around
162Between Roots and Wingswww.betweenrootswings.comAustralia
164Gee You’re Bravewww.geeyourebrave.comAustralia
167Good To Gowww.tianatempleman.comAustralia
168Hummingbird Awaywww.hummingbirdaway.comAustralia
169Many Many Adventureswww.manymanyadventures.comAustralia
170Roaming Downunderwww.roamingdownunder.comAustralia
171Fair Dinkum Travellerwww.fairdinkumtraveller.comAustralia
172Genuine Journeyswww.genuinejourneys.netAustralia
173Gypsea Lust Photowww.gypsealust.comAustralia
174It’s Worth a Shotwww.itsworthashot.comAustralia
175Kev and Em Go Globalwww.kevandemgoglobal.comAustralia
176Briar’s Travel
177Travels With Ninawww.travelswithnina.comAustralia

Top 178th – 212th Ranked Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs

The blogs ranked between 178th and 212th positions each have Domain Authority between 19 and 1, and these are mostly the newer travel blogs who are in the process of building their blogs to an established level, along with some established blogs.

178Luxury Backpackingwww.luxurybackpacking.netAustralia
180Where to Nextwww.where-to-next.comAustralia
181Travelgal Nicolewww.nicolelabarge.comNew Zealand
182AWOL Familywww.awolfamily.comAustralia
183The Frenchie Escapeswww.thefrenchieescapes.comAustralia
184Travelling Frenchieswww.travellingfrenchies.comAustralia
185Mildly Extremewww.mildlyextreme.comAustralia
186Run Towards Travelwww.runtowardstravel.comAustralia
187Captured Travelwww.capturedtravel.comAustralia
188Fluffy Towelwww.fluffytowel.comAustralia
189Life In Transitwww.lifeintransit.netAustralia
192Born With A Suitcasewww.bornwithasuitcase.comAustralia
193Global Surf Soundswww.globalsurfsounds.comAustralia
194Norris Around Australiawww.norrisaroundaustralia.comAustralia
195Broken Limitzwww.brokenlimitz.comNew Zealand
196Hoff to Explorewww.hofftoexplore.comAustralia
197Love Your Travelswww.loveyourtravels.coAustralia
198Mel MCwww.melmcleod.comAustralia
199The Blonde
200Thrifty Family Travelswww.thriftyfamilytravels.comAustralia
202Plate and Planewww.plateandplane.comAustralia
205Kidding Around Australiawww.kiddingaroundaustralia.comAustralia
206Travel With Joannewww.travelwithjoanne.comAustralia
207The Hawaii
208Aussie Trip Advisorwww.aussietripadvisor.comAustralia
209Our Little Wanderlustwww.ourlittlewanderlust.comAustralia
210Traveller Katewww.travellerkate.comAustralia
211Wander Storieswww.wanderstories.spaceAustralia


So there you have it, the ranked list of the top 212 Australian and New Zealand travel blogs.  I hope you have found some new blogs to follow!

I have also had quite a few additional travel bloggers reach out to me after publishing this post, so rather than make changes to the main lineup I am adding a separate section with their details below, and rolling their blogs into the other short lists below where they fit those categories.  Note that I am not planning to do any further updates to this list, so if you tell me about your blog from now on I will ensure that you are considered for the 2018 list.

Fash Packingwww.sydneyfashionhunter.comAustralia
JetSet Brunettewww.jetsetbrunettexo.comAustralia
Through An Aussies Eyeswww.throughanaussieseyes.comAustralia
You The World Wanderingwww.youtheworldwandering.comAustralia
Wicked Walkaboutwww.wickedwalkabout.comAustralia
Never Ending Honeymoonwww.neverendinghoneymoon.netAustralia
No Impact Girlwww.noimpactgirl.comAustralia
Roam The Gnomewww.roamthegnome.comAustralia
The Meandering Wandererswww.meanderingwanderers.comAustralia
The Window Seatwww.thewindowseat.netAustralia
Travel Bug
Travel with The Greenswww.travelwiththegreens.comAustralia
The Accidental Australianwww.theaccidentalaustralian.comAustralia
Tray Tables Awaywww.traytablesaway.orgAustralia
The Roaming Forkwww.theroamingfork.comAustralia
Everywhere Bucket listwww.everywherebucketlist.comAustralia
Greeting the Worldwww.greetingtheworld.comAustralia
Lets Go Travel Australiawww.letsgotravelaustralia.comAustralia
Wanderlust With My Kidswww.wanderlustwithmykids.comAustralia
Tips 4 Tripswww.traveltips4trip.comAustralia
Indefinite Leavewww.indefiniteleave.comAustralia

As a new section for this post I am also going to help you find the best travel blogs to get information on specific destinations and travel styles.

Best Travel Blogs for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

As you can expect many of the Australian travel blogs also are the best source for Australian travel content – and this is mostly true – so rather than give you the list of the 181 travel blogs in this space, I will focus a bit further onto travel blogs which provide specific content about Sydney, Melbourne and Perth content.  To be included in these lists the travel blogs needed to contain a high quantity of recent content for the specific destination, not just ‘I had three articles from my occasional visit’ about this specific destination.

Best Travel Blogs if You Are Visiting Sydney

Girl Tweets
Boy Eats
The Kid Bucket
Hello Sydney
Adventure, Baby!
The Travelling
The Trusted
Sydney Moving
Escape With
Happiness and
Between Roots and
The Accidental
Travel With

Best Travel Blogs if You Are Visiting Melbourne

Bitten By The Travel
Have Wheelchair Will
Department of
Tot: Hot or
Bubs on the
Feet on Foreign

Best Travel Blogs if You Are Visiting Perth
A Hole in My
Chantae Was
West Australian

Best Travel Blogs if You Are Visiting New Zealand

Below are the travel blogs with the best content to help you plan a trip to New Zealand.

The Global
2 Aussie
The Road to
Tiki Touring
Blogger At Large
Polka Dot
Man vs
The Wandering
They Get
An Ocean
The Travelling

Best Australian and New Zealand Family Travel Blogs

Family travel blogs are very popular, so below are the ones to look at to help you inspire and plan your family travels.

Y Travel Blogwww.ytravelblog.comAustralia
Travel With Benderwww.travelwithbender.comAustralia
Exploramum & Explorasonwww.exploramum.comAustralia
Flashpacker Familywww.flashpackerfamily.comNew Zealand
Our Oysterwww.ouroyster.comAustralia
Where’s Sharonwww.wheressharon.comAustralia
Toddlers on
Wyld Family Travelwww.wyldfamilytravel.comAustralia
Boy Eats
The Kid Bucket
Bound Roundwww.boundround.comAustralia
Have Wheelchair Will Travelwww.havewheelchairwilltravel.netAustralia
Hello Sydney
Adventure, Baby!www.christineknight.meAustralia
Our 3 Kids vs The Worldwww.our3kidsvtheworld.comAustralia
Tot: Hot or Notwww.tothotornot.comAustralia
Little Nomadswww.littlenomads.comAustralia
Travelling Appleswww.travellingapples.comAustralia
Escape With Kidswww.escapewithkids.comAustralia
Little Aussie
Mum Pack
Bubs on the Movewww.bubsonthemove.comAustralia
Lets Go Mum
Adventure Mummawww.adventuremumma.comAustralia
Four Around The Worldwww.fouraroundtheworld.comAustralia
The Urban
Together We
Between Roots and Wingswww.betweenrootswings.comAustralia
Gee You’re Bravewww.geeyourebrave.comAustralia
Where to Nextwww.where-to-next.comAustralia
AWOL Familywww.awolfamily.comAustralia
Travelling Frenchieswww.travellingfrenchies.comAustralia
Wicked Walkaboutwww.wickedwalkabout.comAustralia
Born With A Suitcasewww.bornwithasuitcase.comAustralia
Roam The Gnomewww.roamthegnome.comAustralia
The Window Seatwww.thewindowseat.netAustralia
Travel with The Greenswww.travelwiththegreens.comAustralia
The Blonde
Thrifty Family Travelswww.thriftyfamilytravels.comAustralia
Kidding Around Australiawww.kiddingaroundaustralia.comAustralia
Our Little Wanderlustwww.ourlittlewanderlust.comAustralia
Wanderlust With My Kidswww.wanderlustwithmykids.comAustralia

Best Australia and New Zealand 4WD, Motorcycle, RV, Caravan and Campervan Travel Blogs

If you want find travel blogs to feed your 4WD, motorcycle, RV, caravan and campervan obsession, here are the ones to follow!

Budget Travel Talkwww.budgettraveltalk.comAustralia
The Grey
Little Aussie
Travel Outback Australiawww.traveloutbackaustralia.comAustralia
Redz Australiawww.redzaustralia.comAustralia
4WDing Australiawww.4wdingaustralia.comAustralia
All Around
Kev and Em Go Globalwww.kevandemgoglobal.comAustralia
Love Your Travelswww.loveyourtravels.coAustralia
The Blonde
Wicked Walkaboutwww.wickedwalkabout.comAustralia
Greeting the Worldwww.greetingtheworld.comAustralia
Lets Go Travel Australiawww.letsgotravelaustralia.comAustralia
Indefinite Leavewww.indefiniteleave.comAustralia

Best Australia and New Zealand Adventure Travel Blogs

I have defined Australian and New Zealand adventure travel blogs as ones which regularly post adventurous content – which includes mountaineering, scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, bushwalking, tramping, overland journeys to off the beaten tourist track countries, and any other adventurous activity.

Backpacker Banterwww.backpackerbanter.comAustralia
Aussie On the Roadwww.aussieontheroad.comAustralia
Four Jandalswww.fourjandals.comNew Zealand
Big World Small Pocketswww.bigworldsmallpockets.comAustralia
Make Time To See the Worldwww.maketimetoseetheworld.comAustralia
Backpacking Mattwww.backpackingmatt.comNew Zealand
Jon is Travellingwww.jonistravelling.comNew Zealand
Holy Smithereenswww.holysmithereens.comAustralia
The Road to Anywherewww.theroadtoanywhere.comAustralia
Aussie Flashpackerwww.theaussieflashpacker.comAustralia
Chantae Was Herewww.chantae.comAustralia
Drink Tea & Travelwww.drinkteatravel.comAustralia
Travel Boating Lifestylewww.travelboatinglifestyle.comAustralia
Bare Kiwiwww.barekiwi.comNew Zealand
Dive PlanItwww.diveplanit.comAustralia
Lots a Fresh Airwww.lotsafreshair.comAustralia
An Ocean Awaywww.anoceanaway.netNew Zealand
Hiking Fiascowww.hikingfiasco.comAustralia
Mildly Extremewww.mildlyextreme.comAustralia
Global Surf Soundswww.globalsurfsounds.comAustralia
Norris Around Australiawww.norrisaroundaustralia.comAustralia
Broken Limitzwww.brokenlimitz.comNew Zealand
Kidding Around Australiawww.kiddingaroundaustralia.comAustralia
The Meandering Wandererswww.meanderingwanderers.comAustralia
Greeting the Worldwww.greetingtheworld.comAustralia

Best Australian and New Zealand Travel Blog Drone Operators

A new area which many international travel bloggers have been offering services is through the use of drones to further be able to highlight destinations through aeriel videography.  As a result as I assessed each travel blog  I kept note of which travel bloggers were offering drone services.  You may surprised to realise that I was only able to identify four Australian and New Zealand travel blogs which offer these services – so definitely some potential for bloggers to consider whether to add these services to their portfolio.  (If I missed you please let me know in the comments and I will add your blog to this list).

Little Grey Boxwww.littlegreybox.netAustralia
They Get Aroundwww.theygetaround.comAustralia
All Around
Broken Limitzwww.brokenlimitz.comNew Zealand


Place a Badge on Your Website

If you would like to place a badge on your website please use the images below with a link back to this article.

I'm a Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogger for 2017

I'm a Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogger for 2017

New Travel Blogger Welcome

For those of you who are new travel bloggers, welcome to the Australian and New Zealand travel blogging community!  You may not yet be aware that the best place I have found to get to know our tribe, both ‘Down Under’ and in the international travel blogging industry is through Facebook groups.

First set up your Facebook profile so that your travel blog is listed as a website against your profile.  Note that if you do not do this you are unlikely to be added to any group, as the group moderators (who are time poor) get a lot of spam joining requests and you need to make it easy for them to check if you are a legit travel blogger. Otherwise they will ignore your application.

Once you have set up your profile you are then ready to apply to join some groups.  Search for the following groups as a great place to start, and there are many more to help beginner, intermediate and advanced bloggers get started.

  • We Travel We Blog
  • Aussie Bloggers
  • Part-Time Traveler Talk

If you are setting up or refreshing your travel blog site you may also be interested to check out 25 Best Premium WordPress Travel Blog Themes for 2017.

How to Make Money from Blogging

If you are interested in learning how to make money from blogging I can definitely recommend that you purchase the ebook How to Make Money from Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Earning a Five Figure Income from Your Blog by Sharon Gourlay.  Sharon is a very credible resource to help you learn how to make the most of your blog – I have followed her and implemented her strategies for several years now and have learnt so much and achieved a lot over this period.

How to make Money from Blogging: The Ultimate Guide to Earning a Five Figure Income from Your Blog

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.  That means that if you purchase an item after clicking on a link it may mean that we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you!

I hope you find these lists of value and I have certainly enjoyed finding new travel blogs to follow.

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103 thoughts on “Top Australian and New Zealand Travel Blogs for 2017”

  1. Great round up as usual Anne. So many fantastic and inspirational blogs. I love how you have also included some specialist listings for specific niches. Thrilled to still be in the top 50 despite back links not being my strong suit…..

  2. Thanks Anne for compiling this awesome list – it’s going to be my go to travel blog list for 2017! (Thanks too for including Travel Boating Lifestyle)

  3. Impressive round up Anne which must take you ages to compile. Thank You! Loved that there are so many I know, and so many I don’t know – can’t wait to read and befriend many 🙂 Hugely Amped to make the list with both my blogs this year, and to be #1 Travel Blog for people visiting Perth.

    • Jo, thank you, it was a big job and I am very pleased to now be finished. Congratulations on both of your blogs being included this year and you definitely deliver great information about Perth for both locals and visitors!

  4. Hi Anne, great list- lovely to see some new names on there. What a huge undertaking with so many great travel bloggers! We’d love you to look at our blog next year for possible inclusion – Cheers Di and Ade

  5. Wow what a great list with many blogs I know and some I will now follow. I would love to be considered for the next year. Travelwiththegreens.Com

  6. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for including us 😀 We also offer drone / aerial photography services and would love to be added to that section 🙂 We previously done some drone work for hotels as an add on service.

  7. Great list, i’ll look forward to checking some I haven’t come across before. We also have a travel blog and have for many years. keep up the great work.

  8. So great to see so many familiar faces here! My little blog has had lots of hiccups to get going but hopefully by next time, it will be a useful resource for family travellers around the world too. It’s www Our gnome is having a ball too!

  9. Hello I’m fairly confident my travel blog Travel Bug is one that falls into your guidelines.

    I thought i may have emailed you my web details but maybe not . I was travelling overseas.

    I have plans to activate my blog and social media more actively on 2017.

    Love to maybe considered for next year.
    I will read the reviewed ones with interest.


  10. That’s a huge list Anne, well done putting it together. My blog missed the list even though it was on the initial draft… was I meant to confirm? Perhaps I missed something somewhere.
    It’s great to see Aus and NZ are so well represented in the world of blogging!

  11. Thanks ever so much for including us in your list – and to be WAY UP there in 2 categories 🙂
    I’m a little shocked and very honoured.
    There is a lot of work blogging, and often as a blogger, it feels like you are lost in the many.
    So this is extremely encouraging and rewarding for years of time, effort and hard work.
    Congratulations to all who made the list.
    Thanks again 🙂 Exploramum and Explorason

    • Thanks Ruth, travel blogging is a lot of work and within a very competitive international environment, so I am pleased that this list helps to highlight our great and new Australian and NZ travel blogger – I certainly get many many clickthroughs to all of your blogs and have been told that many people get a lot of business approaches as a result of being on this list which is fabulous!

  12. WoW!! Blown away to find myself a on this list and first time I’ve seen it too!!! Fantastic 😀 And so cool to see so many other bloggers & people that I know on there as well!! What a great resource & what a great effort putting it together. I’ll definitely SHARE the badge. Well done!!!

  13. I always look forward to this list coming out – not just because I’m on it, but because it’s a chance to get to discover some awesome new blogs and bloggers! Thanx again for all the work you’ve put into this, Anne!

  14. Hi
    We’re are a retired couple from Oz travelling the world without catching a plane. Well at least trying, unless Mother Nature stops us. We are coming up to 12 months on the road and would love it if you could check us out out. Thanks Di
    The Meandering Wanderers

  15. We are husband and wife Australian motobike travellers ,we have visited over 65 countries in the past three years. Including Asia, Europe, Scandinavia,Russia etc. Now in the Americas. Would love if you could check us out and include us in this list. Thanks

  16. Thanks for all your work on this Anne! I have already found a ton of great posts on Perth and WA which is our next adventure (in March) The NZ catagory will be really useful later in the year when I start planning on month in New Zealand in November. Glad to have made your list for Sydney 🙂

  17. Wow, what a long list! Thanks for the inclusion of our blog… 😉

    One question: you have top blogs for the major centres like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Why not for Brisbane or at least S.E.Queensland (Sunshine Coast down to Gold Coast)? That’s one of the major destinations in Australia and extensively covered by a number of outstanding bloggers.

    • Juergen, thanks for your comment. I was wondering if anyone would ask me that question – you are correct that there are many great bloggers in the QLD area, but the sad news is that only about 20 people per month search for ‘gold coast travel blogs’ and even less for Brisbane and Queensland. As a result I did not set up a specific category for these destinations.

  18. Hi Anne. Appreciate the effort you put in for the list. Would love to be considered next time as an Australian based here and blogging about regional travel/food.

    • Sally – you definitely did well – it was quite competitive with the additional blogs that were included in the list compared to the previous version. Thanks as well for letting me know about your new blog – I will add it to my list for assessment.

  19. Thank you for the round up and inclusion (it’s particularly nice to see where you rank and have something to aim for). I’ve been looking for more Aussie blogs to read and this list will be of great assistance!

  20. Great list!! I’m so glad I’ve found this web page and be able to read more from my fellow Aussies! I’m also an Aussie Blogger (just requested to join Aussie Bloggers Facebook group) which is again – something I didn’t know about before.

    I hope eventually my domain authority is high enough to make it into the ranks here!

  21. Thank you so much for the inclusion! I was so surprised when I found your list last year – and then to discover I was included on it! I’ve really been working to boost my travel content in the past year, so I appreciate to extra motivation and support.

  22. What a great and useful list! I have recently started a family travel blog – Little Luxe Traveller – and I would love to be included in your list in the future. Thanks 🙂

  23. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for this comprehensive list!
    I always look for great blogs to follow and to get inspired 🙂
    It looks like you’ve done a massive research, well done! Lot’s of great blogs in the list!

    I run an Australian-based travel and lifestyle blog, where I post about traveling around Australia and the world.
    I would be so grateful if you have a quick look and perhaps let me know what do you think.

    I put a lot of effort in the blog and always happy to get any feedback.
    Thank you!

  24. Great review post. Will definitely subscribe to receive future posts.

    Would it be possible to be included in your next review cycle? Our web site address is I was born in New Zealand, married an Australian / German, and have just finished living in Sydney for the past 9 years. We quit our jobs, sold our house and all our belongings and now travel the world full time. Our site is active and is improving in quality day by day.

    I hope we fit the criteria for your next review.

    Cheers, Paul

  25. Thanks Anne, yay made it on your list! This would have taken quite some time to collate. Thank you for your efforts. I haven’t been doing much about DA, until last month! So watch this space. Going to try crack that hundred 😉



  26. Awesome list — have found plenty of new travel blogs to follow! It’s great to follow and support more bloggers from my beautiful home country.

    Would love for Travel Textbook to be considered for next year’s round up!

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