North America Rail Travel Planning

If you are planning a rail vacation to North America here are the essential references to get started planning and booking your trip. 

Travel agents will be able to help you with your rail bookings but there are also many options to book USA and Canada rail travel independently.

Amtrak Train in North America
Amtrak Train in North America

Maximising Your North American Train Travel Experience

Man in Seat 61 – USA and Man in Seat 61 – Canada provides detailed information on how to book your train and ferry travel worldwide.  This website has excellent information on how to book the cheapest tickets, rail passes and the different online options to consider.

RailServe – North America provides comprehensive links which provide detailed information about rail travel in North America.

North American Train Timetables and Tickets

Amtrak provides a very comprehensive website with information for you to plan your rail journey, using either point to point tickets or railpasses.  The site is easy to use for both local and international visitors.  RailServe – Amtrak Discount Coupons provide current information on discounts available from Amtrak, including specific details and limitations.  RailServe – Other Amtrak Information provides comprehensive links about everything to do with Amtrak.

Viarail provides information about the Canadian rail travel options including railpasses.  However, international visitors cannot book through this site.  The site provides a list of authorised booking agents for other countries. RailServe – Canada provides comprehensive links about Canadian rail options.

Rocky Mountaineer provides information about booking on the Rocky Mountaineer train, which is a premium service which operates in the Rocky Mountains north-east of Vancouver, Canada.  Packages to combine the Rocky Mountaineer with the Canadian Viarail and cruises to the Inside Passage are also available.  Bookings can be made internationally, and they also offer phone support internationally.

Alaska RailRoad provides information about train travel in Alaska. Bookings can be made directly on this website for local and international travellers.

If you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand then the RailPlus – USA and RailPlus – CanadaRailPlus – Alaska websites are an option to purchase rail passes and point to point tickets.

If you are a resident of the UK then the Rail Choice – Americas website is an option to purchase rail passes and point to point tickets.