Wrap Up: How to Indulge in Over 100 New Zealand Hot Springs

You can’t visit New Zealand without indulging in at least one hot spring.  New Zealand is a volcanic country so hot springs are everywhere.  They range from the luxurious manicured hot springs of the Rotorua region to ‘locals only’ free hot springs within beaches, rivers and other nooks and crannies.  If you love to hike then there are many hot springs which are only accessible from the New Zealand tramping trails.  A perfect decadent way to end a long day of walking!

Here are three great resources to help you to find hot springs everywhere you go in New Zealand.  Indulgence awaits!

New Zealand Hot Spring and Spa

Hot Pool Indulgence in Rotorua

Charlotte Clowes shares a great overview of the major Rotorua hot spring experiences on the My Destination travel blog.

As you approach Rotorua from the outside, the sight of billowing steam and the smell of sulphur hits you before you realise where you are. As a thermal city in the centre of the north island, Rotorua is located in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, an area where, deep underground, drastic geothermal activity results in erupting hot water, steam, mud pools and geothermal springs.

Clustered on the shores of Lake Rotorua, the city has used this advantage to create an oasis of spa treatments to melt away all your troubles, with healing therapies, massage treatments, mud massage and soothing mineral waters all at your disposal. Whatever you’re looking for, Rotorua is awash with the facilities to cater for all needs; simply take your pick from the following and be prepared to immerse yourself in total relaxation.   Read more about four fantastic hot spring experiences around Rotorua…

Rotorua Region: 19 Hot Pools

NZ Hot Pools is the best guide to the identified 107 hot springs all over New Zealand. 

The NZ Hot Pools – Rotorua article details the 19 hot pools to be found around the Rotorua region, and includes both commercial hot pools establishments and free options, both easy and secret to find.  Read more about the 19 hot pools in Rotorua…

Rotorua Hot Spring and Spa

Hot Water Beach ~ New Zealand Beach Files

Sarah Bennett from The Further Adventures of Bennett travel blog shares a great story about her experience on Hot Water Beach in New Zealand.  I love how there is a definite skill to knowing where to dig your hole on the beach so that you can get the water temperature just right!

Hot Water Beach is one of the most famous attractions on the Coromandel Peninsula. Can you imagine a beach where you dig a hole and hot water seeps out of it? No? Well I can assure you it exists!  Read more about the bizarre experience of trying to dig a hole to get a bearable water temperature…

Hot Spring Safety

Ensure you are safe if you plan to use any of the natural hot springs.  Check the water temperature carefully before you enter, ensure you are closely supervising any children, and don’t put your head under the water to prevent the risk of contracting the amoebic meningitis illness, which can have severe effects.

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Have you visited any of the hot springs in New Zealand?  Or are you now inspired to visit?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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