Keeping Your Holiday Memories Alive

Travel Memories - Aiguille de Midi, Chamonix France

We invest so much time and money into planning and then going on a fantastic vacation, but what do we do once the holiday is over?  Here are four ways to help keep the travel memories alive.

Photo Albums and Framed Pictures

Most people take photos while they are travelling.  Many people return home and upload their photos onto their computer and rarely look at them again.

It is worth the investment of time and money to create a photo album both displays your photos and enables you to caption your trip.  Otherwise within a couple of years it can be more difficult to remember what the photo subject is.  You can now easily create a photo book either online or through your local photo printing services who will print a compact memorable album.

If you have one or more standout photos of your trip it is also worthwhile to get them printed and framed to go on your wall.  That way, every time you see the photo you will remember your trip.

Write a Blog

Travel diaries have been around for a long time, and in the modern world you have two choices.  You can keep a hand written diary of your travels or you can write about your travels on a blog (either as you go or after your trip is completed), which can include photos.  Either option is worthwhile, and is worth a small regular investment of time to make notes while you travel.

If you choose to blog I recommend you have a look at, which provides an easy to use free blogging service with many templates available.

Good Souvenirs

A few carefully chosen souvenirs can enable you to regularly remember your trip.  My preference is for either kitchen ware (eg. cups, platters etc), wall art such as paintings or clothing.  Every time I use or see one of my mementos brings back a memories of that trip.

Making Recipes

If you experience different cuisines and enjoy cooking a good option is to purchase a recipe book for those cuisines.  Periodically use them to recreate a dish you enjoyed during your travels and the memories will rush back in.

Have you got a favourite travel memento?  Please share it in the comments below.