Natural Wonders: Amazing Geysers

Natural geysers are amazing attractions to both see and experience.  There are only five places in the world where you can experience this phenomenon.

La Tatio Geysers, Chile
La Tatio Geysers, Chile

They are signs of previous volcanic activity, and a reminder that the Earth is an amazing place.  This article provides you with information about visiting the five geyser regions.  Each region also provides a multitude of natural hot springs which have been used to provide thermal baths.

Yellowstone National Park, United States of America

Yellowstone National Park is world renowned as the place to go to see geysers, hot springs and mud pools.  The main driving route is shaped like a figure eight, and to drive the full route is 154 miles or 249km.  There are eight geothermal areas to visit around the route, along with a multitude of other natural and wildlife attractions.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua is a great option to visit, as you can stay in the township and be in extremely close proximity to many geothermal options.  There are five major geothermal areas which are within 20 minutes to just over one hour’s drive from the township of Rotorua. and have excellent overviews and maps of the major geothermal attractions in the Rotorua area.

Valley of the Geysers, Kamchatka Province, Russia

The Valley of the Geysers is located in remote Kamchatka Province in Russia.  Most people access the site by helicopter.  Kamchatka Travel and Kamchatka Tourism has information about the history and access.

El Tatio, Chile

The El Tatio geyser field is located in a remote part of the Andes mountains in northern Chile, near the town of San Pedro de Atacama.  The Geyser Gazing Society provides further information.


Iceland has a lot of geysers and hot springs – Iceland has so much readily available thermal energy that they use it to provide electrical power for the whole country!!  The major geyser region is the Geysir Hot Springs Geothermal Area, on the western side.  Geysir Centre provides additional information about visiting the area. Iceland Geyser Links provide a good range of links for further information about Iceland’s geysers.