Wrap Up: Most Deadly Animals in the World

Which is the most deadly creature in the world?  I was surprised to discover that the mosquito is at the top of the list.  But there are also many other deadly animals, insects, fish and reptiles which are worthy.

A mosquito, the most deadly creature in the world
A mosquito, the most deadly creature in the world

Which Animals Kill the Most People in the Wild?

Debra Ronca on the HowStuffWorks.com website provides well referenced information about the most deadly animal on planet Earth – the mosquito.  Read more…

I thought the side bar interesting which notes that on average in North America over 130 per year die as a result of running into a deer while driving!

Nat Geo Wild:  Deadly 60

When National Geographic develop a TV series where adventurer and naturalist Steve Backshall travels the globe seeking out the 60 most deadly creatures on planet Earth you pay attention! Read more…

Epic Wildlife:  5 Extremely Deadly Animals

Epic Wildlife puts on a great video which shows 5 of the most deadly animals in the world.  Read more…

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Have you ever felt you were at risk from a dangerous animal, reptile or insect?  Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Wrap Up: Most Deadly Animals in the World”

    • Jo, it is a case of strange facts around the world… And relative risks and population! I didn’t look up how many people die in Australia due to car collisions with kangaroos and wombats etc but I am sure there would be a reasonably large number…

  1. I wouldn’t have thought the mosquito would top this list. I didn’t even think it would make the list at all. It’s everywhere and I see it all the time. I guess it makes sense, considering the diseases it spreads.

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