Children’s Books about Uluru and Australia

There are some great children’s books to help you and your family learn more about Uluru and Australia. Here are our top picks from Amazon 🙂 .

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Finding Our Heart: A Story about the Uluru Statement for Young Australians

Author Thomas Mayor’s journey taking the message of the Uluru Statement to the people of Australia has been a moving experience. When he visited schools, in particular, the children surprised him. Their generation is the first to learn Indigenous languages, to appreciate Indigenous knowledge of the seasons, and learn the the truth of our history. Some children he met even knew more about the Australian Constitution than most adults do!

The expression, ‘if only we could see the world through a child’s eyes’ is put into practice through the pages of this picture book for 5- to 10-year-olds. It is an important part of the people’s movement for Voice, Treaty and Truth, helping children – and by extension, their families – to think about why substantive constitutional change is needed.

Featuring colourful illustrations, this book demonstrates that the heart of the nation can be found through an appreciation of First Nations’ culture. Only then will we come to collectively define our national identity.

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Uluru (Engineered by Nature)

In Australia, a large red rock rises from the flat, dry ground. Uluru looks at when and how this monolith formed and what the future looks like for the beautiful rock. Easy-to-read text, vivid images, and helpful back matter give readers a clear look at this subject.

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Australia: Travel for kids: The fun way to discover Australia

Going on a family vacation to Australia or just want to learn more about this amazing country?

Make sure you get the most out of the trip with Australia – Travel For Kids. Dinobibi and Hayden will join you in every step of the journey. You will have so much fun discovering Australia – its history, geography, flags and symbols, wildlife, culture and more! Whether preparing for a vacation, or simply wanting to learn about Australia, this book gives you all you need to know, fun places to visit, tasty food to try, and fun, interactive pop quizzes throughout. Come join Dinobibi and Hayden on an adventure and DISCOVER Australia.

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Are We There Yet? 

An Australian classic kids book, I fondly recall reading this one to my kids when they were younger.

Join Grace and her family as they hit the road camping, experiencing, and meeting all the people and places that make up Australia.

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My Boomerang Won’t Come Back!

 17 Well known Australian animals take part in this beautifully illustrated full-colour children’s book, as Kelly the Koala throws and loses a boomerang and goes on a long walk to find it. Meeting other wonderful animals along the way, and each time the boomerang is hiding in the picture in plain sight

It is a story for young children, and also a story that adults, teachers, parents and grandparents will love reading to children. There’s also a section towards the back where each animal is described, followed by some lovely full-page photographs of cuddly Koalas.

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The Australian Animal Atlas

Come on a journey into the world of Australia’s wildlife, exploring all the different habitats, from parched deserts to lush rainforests. Disocver the mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects that live there. Search for the animals hidden in each habitat scene. Find out about the fish that walks; the sixth sense of the platypus; the deadly venom of the desert death adder; the strange table manners of the sea star. This environmental atlas of Australian animals by an expert team is full of fascinating facts and superb illustrations.

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Theodore Down Under

Are you going to Australia soon or want to learn more about the land down under?

This cute, well-designed Australian Children’s Book for young kids featuring hand drawn artwork of cute, Theodore the bear teaches young readers all about Australia, Australian slang and what life is like down under.

Theodore travels to the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and all over Australia on his journey coming across all types of different Australian animals.

Your child will love learning about Australia as they join in the adventure of cute Theodore the Bear.

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Australian Aboriginal Art: A Coloring Book for Adults and Children

Australian indigenous artist Troy Little has asked me to use 45 of his drawings to create a coloring book for adults and children featuring native Australian wildlife. He has created 70 designs on one-sided pages for you to colour in. 

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A Is for Australian Animals

There are so many amazing animals to be found in Australia — and many of them are found nowhere else in the world.

Discover thirty-eight of the weird and wonderful creatures of Down Under — from the iconic kangaroo to the puzzling echidna; from the tiny crusader bug to the enormous saltwater crocodile; from the adorable quokka to the terrifying Tasmanian devil. Did you know that lyrebirds can mimic almost any sound? Or that an oblong turtle has the longest neck of any turtle in the world? Vibrant paintings and fascinating facts introduce readers to a wide array of incredible animals in this vivid celebration of the fauna that makes Australia unique.

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Childrens Books About Uluru and Australia

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