Wrap Up: Best Travel Safety Tips

As I walked down the dark street at midnight I felt very uncomfortable.  After leaving the uplifting Christmas Eve Midnight Mass in Salzburg we were on our way back to our youth hostel but I noticed there were two men who seemed to be following us. We picked up our pace and made sure we stayed on the well populated streets.  After a little while the men appeared to have dropped back.  We breathed a sigh of relief when we finally arrived safely at our hostel.

Travel Safety

When we leave the comfort and familiarity of our homes to go travelling we feel more vulnerable to the risk to ourselves and our belongings.  Here are four articles with great tips to help you maximise your safety when you are planning your trip and also when you are actually travelling.

Travelling Safely – A Guide for Solo Woman Travellers

Jo Karnaghan from the frugalfirstclasstravel blog is an experienced solo traveller who has some great tips which apply to anyone who wishes to travel safely! 

One of my lovely readers, Linda, recently contacted me about hotels in Paris that would be safe for her as a solo traveller.  Now, most of the time I travel in Europe I also travel alone.  It therefore got me thinking about the things I do to make sure I keep myself safe when I’m travelling solo.  Travelling safely is an important travel skill to master, so here are my top tips for safe and confident solo travel.   Read more…

How to Blend in Abroad: Tips To Avoid Looking and Acting Like A Tourist

Yves from Under The Yew travel blog is writing a great series of articles about travel safety for The Planet D travel blog.  In this article Yves provides some great tip to help you to blend in as you travel.

The importance of blending in abroad is quite obvious. Although many of us enjoying standing out from the crowd in our home countries, sticking out like a sore thumb when traveling can land any traveler in hot water. Not only do you become a target for thieves, but your attitude and/or dress might also offend locals. But have no fear, just follow these easy tips and you’ll have no trouble blending in when traveling abroad. Read more…

Pick-Pocket Proof Pants and Shirt Foil Pregnant Thief!

Lillie from the Around the World ‘L’ travel blog is a well established travel blogger who just gave birth to her baby one week ago.  This hilarious article was written only four days before her due date!  She has a great time trying to pickpocket her husband’s special travel clothes.

During a recent travel conference in Toronto, Canada, I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Rapp, intrepid founder of a company called Clothing Arts which proclaims to make pick-pocket proof pants and shirts. Since I was getting rapidly fatter due to my pregnancy, I decided to order a clothing set for my husband, Colin, instead of myself. Then I decided to try to rob him. Let’s see what happened… Read more…

Travel Safety: Ditch Unsafe Destinations Before Booking

Here is the Pretraveller contribution to the travel safety continuum.

The glossy brochures for travel destinations look great.  But do they tell the whole story about what you may experience?  Conducting some quick additional research into government travel advisories will enable you to decide whether a travel destination is suitable for you.  As a result you can either book your holiday with greater confidence or decide early to travel to an alternative safer destination. Read more…


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Have you ever felt unsafe when you travel?  How did you handle the situation? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Travelling in Australia’s remote outback brings q whole range of different safety issues – most of which are about survival, like having water, food, fuel, mechanical back ups and a failsafe communication system – even if that’s just letting someone know where you’re going!!

  2. We are never fully protected from malicious individuals. Thanks for your advice. With that, we can travel safely.

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