Best Online Pocket Wifi Rental in Japan for Visitors in 2022

A popular option for many tourists is to rent a Japan pocket wifi or wifi egg, this enables you to have ready access to data and the internet when you are travelling, without the hassle of trying to find free wifi, As you should be aware free wifi anywhere can often have dubious security, plus the issue of having to continuously find and then log in to each wifi hotspot can be a hassle.

For us, the option to rent a portable wifi Japan was just common sense – after pre-booking our rental wifi online before we departed our home in Australia, we picked it up at the airport, logged in once and then used the single device for our whole trip for multiple devices.  We then posted it back to the supplier at the end of our visit from the post box which was located at our departure airport.  We used it continuously throughout our visit and were please with the convenience at a cost effective price in both urban and rural areas.

Many accommodation options have wifi available for guests, but as soon as you walk out the door you will not have cost effective access to data – and you really need it, to help access the train timetables and to work out which station and platform you need to go to, as well as using apps like Google Maps to find your way around.  For more information about the mobile apps you will need for your trip to Japan please check out my article on Top 16 Smart or Cell Phone Apps for your Trip to Japan.  If you have a preference to purchase a pre-paid sim card check out our Best Pre-paid Data Sim Card in Japan for Tourists article.

Best Pocket Wifi Japan Summary of Recommended Options

For those of you just looking for some quick recommendations without reading the whole article here is a summary of our recommended options.  Note that on our recent visit to Japan we obtained and used all of our recommended pocket wifi options, so we are well placed to provide advice on the options.  We can confirm that all of the Japan wifi egg options recommended below worked well and were easy to set up and use.

Read further below for further information about each recommended providers and to see the available options.

Unlimited data pocket wifi options at a competitive price point.     Note that all unlimited data plans (except Japan Wireless) are subject to a fair use policy, so if you exceed daily thresholds your data speed may be reduced.

Click below to check out and book your unlimited data pocket wifi through our recommended providers:

Longer Term Wifi Option – Great for Students and Workers

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You are also welcome to join our Japan Travel Planning Facebook Group and our new Japan Travel Planning Discord Server – they are great resources to enable you to ask questions about your upcoming trip to Japan!

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Sakura Mobile Pocket Wifi

Best Pocket Wifi in Japan

Below I have done the research to help you find the best Japan wifi rental for your visit to Japan, with options to pick up from any of Tokyo, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Osaka, Kyoto, Kansai Airport, Sapporo and Okinawa, or to have it delivered to your hotel.

A key tip is to plan to pre-order your portable pocket wifi rental at least one week prior to your arrival date into Japan.

Below is a Japan pocket wifi comparison table to assist you to quickly decide which option will suit you best.  If you are arriving or departing early or late, ensure you check the opening hours for your pick up and return options which are further down in the article, or on the supplier’s page after you click through below.

Price and Rental Period Delivery and ReturnWifi Egg Japan Features
Sakura Mobile  
Click here to pre-book through Sakura Mobile

$US 7.64 per day
Cost for 14 days is $US 107 (tax inclusive).  Note 10% tax is added at the end of the booking sequence.
Rental Period: Up to 90 days
Pick up and drop off to major Japan airports  
Delivery to hotels, local addresses (including homes and AirBnB), Post Office Branches
Mail satchel to return
Optional insurance and/or Backup Battery
Pre-order at least 1 day prior with free express shipping
Up to 15 connected devices
Max Download Speed 198 Mbps
Unlimited Data, however excessive usage will result in a reduced connection speed
20 hour battery life
Get Your Guide
Click here to pre-book through Get Your Guide

$US4.60 to $US7.50 per day (cheaper per day the longer the rental period) (tax inclusive).
Cost for 14 days is $US 75.65
Rental Period: 3-100 days
Delivery to hotel and hostels only.  
Mail satchel to return
Pre-order 3 business days prior  
Up to 10 connected devices
Unlimited Data
Click here to pre-book through Klook

$US 7.05 per day flat rate (tax inclusive)
Cost for 14 days is $US 98.70
Rental Period: Unlimited
Battery Life: 9 hours
Pick up and drop off to major Japan airports
Can have different pick up and return locations
Pre-Order 5 calendar days prior  
Up to 5 connected devices
Unlimited Data, subject to Fair Use Policy
9 hour battery life

Long Term Japan Pocket Wifi Options

If you plan to visit or live in Japan for more than 90 days, there are two great pocket wifi options to consider as detailed below.

Mobal Long Term Wifi Egg Rental

If you are planning to stay in Japan for three months or more also check out this great new wifi option from Mobal which includes:

  • 100GB per month data allowance on the 4G LTE networks with no fair usage policy (if you use up your monthly allowance your speed will be throttled)
  • provides the best connection from the three big networks (Softbank, DoCoMo or AU).
  • Your wifi device can be shipped to you for free anywhere in Japan. The cost is $US46 per month!

Click here to check out and book your long term Mobal pocket Wifi for Japan

Best Portable Pocket Wifi, Router or Hotspot Rental Japan

A good starting question is what is the ‘best’ pocket wifi rental option – this question will have different answers for different people.  In this article I am focusing on the offerings from several reputable providers of Japan wifi hostspot rental – and have compared the key features of each option.

Pocket Wifi Rental Japan Airport Pick Up Considerations

A key issue if you are planning to pick up your device from the airport – each provider expressly advises the opening hours for their counters at each airport.  If you have a late night or early morning arrival ensure you closely check the opening hours and return hours to ensure that you will be able to pick up and drop off your pocket wifi.  If you arrive outside these hours then consider the options below which provide hotel delivery or Tokyo pickup.  This information is available further below and also when you click through to each provider on their booking page.

Also check your return options – if the pocket wifi you rent requires you to drop off the pocket wifi at a counter check the counter opening hours, or choose an option which enables you to return your device by post to retain flexibility.

Wifi Rental Collection Options

When you arrive in Japan, you can easily pre-order and collect your rental pocket wifi from either Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Kansai Airport (near Osaka and Kyoto), many other major airports or your accommodation reception.

By pre-ordering it means that you do your research first, place your order and then after you arrive in Japan all you need to do is ensure you collect your pocket wifi from the appropriate collection point and you can then head off quickly to your accommodation.  While there are options to rent on the spot after you arrive in Japan, you will find that you are tired after a long flight and the last thing you want to do is to compare wifi options.  Therefore we definitely recommend researching and pre-ordering before you depart.

All of our recommended pocket wifi options can be pre-ordered and collected at either airport or your accommodation.  For airport collection ensure you carefully check the timing options to ensure that they will align with your flight arrival time plus allow for approximately one hour to get through customs.  Also consider the best option to book in the event your flight is delayed.

Click below to check out and book your unlimited data pocket wifi through our recommended providers:  

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Join the Japan Travel Planning Facebook Group and Discord Server

You are also welcome to join our Japan Travel Planning Facebook Group and our new Japan Travel Planning Discord Server – they are great resources to enable you to ask questions about your upcoming trip to Japan!

Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links.  If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

12 thoughts on “Best Online Pocket Wifi Rental in Japan for Visitors in 2022”

  1. I haven’t been to Japan yet but will keep this information in mind. You put so much effort into collection all the data and information, well done! I will definitely recommend this to others, too.

  2. We’ve been in Japan four times and haven’t tried using pocket wifi. I thought having one in Japan is a lot of hassle until I had read your article. Thanks for the info Anne.

    • Carlos, thank you for your feedback. We found having a pocket wifi in Japan to be a very convenient option – you log in once and then take it with you everywhere you go and have data available for multiple people at once.

  3. Really great information! I was looking to reserve a pocket wifi through one of your recommended sites – GetYourGuide. I read a bunch of horror stories on TripAdvisor regarding this agency, though they have been about tours, not reserving a pocket wifi. Have you used them personally and are they reliable? Thanks for any insight you can offer!

    • Jim, Get Your Guide is a tour aggregator who markets many other companies tours and services, they do not actually provide the tours and services themselves. Overall Get Your Guide is a well regarded provider and the stories on TripAdvisor may have been about a particular tour operator rather than about Get Your Guide itself – you have not provided any details so I cannot look up the specific examples.

      I have not used this service myself but many of my readers have purchased this option and have had no issues and the service has been provided as described. Thanks!

  4. Hi. What is the range for these pocket wifi devices? We are a family of 4 (teenage kids) travelling for 13 days to Japan in June. Would 1 device be enough for all of us?
    Any other tips about which option we should choose? Tnanks for the tips thus far very helpful

    • Rod, with regards to your question, one pocket wifi may be enough, but if you heavy data users using a lot of video etc you may need to consider getting more than one. You could also consider getting pre-paid sim cards for the kids and one pocket wifi, then if you split up you have options to communciate.

  5. Hi,
    great article helped me decide. I think it is important to note that although all of the suppliers say unlimited data the small print reveals that only a certain amount is at 4G speed then it drops to 3G. The different amount of data makes a HUGE difference to the value.
    For example for AU$108 I can get one from GetYourGuide for 17 days which has a 7GB limit at 4G speed access for the ENTIRE rental period before dropping to 3G speed.
    The Voyagin offer is AU$148 for the same period, more expensive BUT you get 3GB of data at 4G speed data per day. So if you go over one day it drops to 3G speed but the next day you have a fresh 3GB of data at 4G speed to use.
    That could be a big deal if several people are using it and if you are using google maps a lot. I read many people saying there they ran out of 4G data on GetYourGuides hotspot and then performance was almost useless


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