Wrap Up: Avoiding Travel Scams

I love travelling.  But I hate being targeted by pickpockets and thieves.  And I am sure most other travellers feel the same way.

Many other bloggers have written articles with tips to avoid travel scams which can help you to be prepared on the latest scammer tricks so you can hopefully avoid them.  Although they usually do make good travel stories later…  The articles provide information ranging from the more typical pickpocketing and scammer scenarios, through to a few more modern tricks which may be harder to spot at first.

Beware of Travel Pickpockets and ScammersWhen Travel Bloggers Get Scammed!

Cam and Nicole from the Travelling Canucks blog have put together a great compilation of advice and stories from 14 other travel bloggers about the scams they have fallen for during their travels – and added on their own personal experiences.  It just goes to show that even experienced travellers get taken in by clever scammers!

Today we’re going to learn about travel scams

Yes, we have been scammed on our travels. Several times.

There was the time Cam got robbed by a Thai prostitute in Bangkok (true story), the time we caught a pickpocket red-handed at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the time an intimidating taxi driver scammed us in Romania, and the multiple times we’ve been scammed at border crossings in Guatemala, Peru, India and Cambodia.

Thieves live everywhere, and they love distracted tourists. You’re just as likely to get scammed in Paris and New York as you are in Delhi and Bangkok, so it’s important to stay alert and learn about some of the common scams that are out there.

In an effort to educate you about some sneaky scams targeted at tourists, we turn to fellow travel bloggers and asked them to share their personal stories and experiences.  Read more…

7 Travel Scams That You Should Know

Val from the Travel Scamming blog has put together 7 great tips to avoid travel scams.  The list includes some extra ones I wouldn’t have thought of, including fake calls purporting to be from the front desk of your hotel.

If you’ve traveled at all, chances are you’ve either fallen for a travel scam, or have had someone try to pull one on you.  Going on a vacation or traveling shouldn’t be a scary experience.  If you know about the scams that are out there, you should be able to avoid them. Here are seven tricky travel scams that you should know about before you take that trip.    Read more…

Pickpocketed in Paris! Tips To Avoid It Happening To You

Lisa and Cheryl from the What Boundaries blog share their emotional experience of being targeted by a pickpocket in Paris.

It was only an hour and a half train ride from Brussels to Paris, but that small distance was enough to tear us forcibly from the imagined safety and naivety of travel we’d been experiencing so far. Ireland and Belgium had spoiled us. The people were friendly and we trusted they meant us no harm. It was the all-important traveler’s mistake of letting our guard down, even for a second.  Read more…

9 Strategies to Sidestep Tourist Pickpockets

Here is my contribution to the travel scamming article continuum!  My article is also based on personal experiences through my travels.

One of the hazards of being a tourist is that you are more exposed to the activities of thieves.  Here are nine strategies to avoid becoming a victim of pickpockets.  Read more…


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Have you ever been targeted by pickpockets or scammers?  Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Wrap Up: Avoiding Travel Scams”

  1. Some really great advice you’ve curated here, Anne. Fortunately I’ve never been scammed or pick pocketed, but I have had the Paris ring scam attempted on me about 5 times. These things do happen, and it’s really important that travellers are as informed as possible. Another example of travel knowledge being powerful

    • Jo, thanks for your comment. We have definitely had things stolen in Italy but so far we have been able to avoid the scams mentioned. I think forewarned is forearmed, as by reading this information at least you have an awareness of what can happen and then have a better chance of realising that something is a scam before you are taken in by it.

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  3. Thank you for linking to these informative posts. Travel can be wonderful, but we have to be on our guard. While visiting Denmark I stayed in a budget hotel near a family member (her apartment too small for me, with her kids and all.) When I checked in they ran my card (bank card – foolish – always use a credit card). In the morning I checked my bank account as I always do, and the hotel had charged me twice! When I went to the front desk they denied it so I showed them the screen of my bank statement on my laptop (bank info hidden). Then they said “Fix it when you get home.” Right. I notified my bank, they held the payments to investigate, then negated the second charge within two days. That was a close one, especially since that was my food and fun money.

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