Wrap Up: Amazing Travel Hacks

Travel is expensive.  Finding travel hacks to help you save significant money can make a real difference to your travel budget.  Here are some great travel hacks to help you save money on airfares, car hire and as a bonus I discovered some great tips on how to scuba dive for free on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!

Travel Hacking Your Flights

Saving Significant Money on Airfares and Car Hire….  What’s Not to Like!

Bethany from the Flashpacker Family blog shares some great tips to save money on your next flights and car hire.  I am definitely planning to use both of these articles as references for my next trip!

Booking Code Share Flights for a Fraction of the Price

Walking onto the plane knowing that you paid much less for your seat than everybody else on board is a great feeling. This is what smart travel is all about. By being a little crafter with your bookings you can stretch your travel dollars further.

Booking code share flights is a clever way to save cash. Here’s how it works:

You have a flight in mind that you want to take on Airline A but the fare is a little more than you’d like to pay. Airline B has a code share arrangement with Airline A but by booking the same flight with Airline B you save a couple hundred bucks.

It doesn’t work for every fare and you have to seek it out but, when you do find them, they’re a great money saver.  Read more…

How to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Car Hire

Car hire is a fantastic option for exploring the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand but it can be pricey. You have to shop around and, with this simple tips, you can slash hundreds of dollars off the cost of your next car hire. Give them a try!  Read more…

How to Hack Your Way to a Cheaper Airfare

Ed Hewitt from the Independent Traveler blog shares some great tips to save money on flights by finding the cheapest one way fare options.

Years ago, before you could muck around on airfare Web sites for hours, travel experts like us recommended all sorts of intricate money-saving tricks — some of which were marginally legal or at least strongly disliked by the airlines. These included things like open-jaw itineraries (flying home from a different airport than you flew into), “hidden cities” (booking a connecting flight to a less expensive destination and getting off the plane in the connection city) and back-to-back ticketing (buying two cheap roundtrips that included a Saturday night stay to lower the fare).  Read more…

How to be a Travel Hacker in the United Kingdom

Robert Raffles from the Head for Points website shares some very informative tips to maximise loyalty points and flight redemptions for people living in the UK on the Nomadic Matt blog.

I’ve been writing about travel hacking a lot lately and one question that keeps popping up is “Matt, how can we travel hack in the UK?” Well, while I know a lot about doing this in the UK, I don’t know as much as Robert (aka Raffles) from Head for Points, the premier travel hacking website for the UK. Today, I sit down with him and he explains in great detail how those of you from the UK can get free flights and hotels like the rest of us across the pond!  Read more…

Around The World For $350: My Amazing Travel Hack

Vanessa Chiasson from TurnipSeedTravel shares her amazing travel hacking feat of booking round the world airfares with multiple stopovers using loyalty points which only cost her $350 in out of pocket add on expenses!  She makes a great case for carefully reading your loyalty program terms and conditions before you start planning your trip!

Imagine flying around the world for free, turning a small amount of frequent flyer points into endless flights, all while paying a pittance in taxes and fees. It sounds too good to be true – in fact, it sounds like a scam – but it happened to me. While you are reading this, I’ll be on the other side of the world and it’s all thanks to a bit of research and a lot of patience!  Read more…

Travel Hack – Explore the Great Barrier Reef for FREE

Charli Moore shares some great tips in Wild Junket Magazine to dive and snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for free by using a work exchange program. 

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. Made up of over 900 islands and 2,900 individual reefs there’s plenty of opportunity for the adventurous traveler to explore. While the beauty of the reef captures the imagination of scuba divers all over the world, the price tag attached to a trip exploring the diverse marine environment leaves much to be desired.

So how can you see the reef on a limited budget?

Why not volunteer on a work/experience exchange program?  Read more…

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef Australia

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Do you have any other travel hacking tips or articles to share?  Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Wrap Up: Amazing Travel Hacks”

  1. What a great selection of great travel hacks, Anne! I was amazed to discover Bethanney’s post a few weeks back, as it was something I’d not considered previously.

    Vanessa’s is a testament to having a great eye for detail, and the perserverence to stay on the phone to get it all booked.

    Great summary of awesome advice!

  2. There is no doubt that it is one of the best post regarding travel hacks and you have provide some very valuable and informational stuff here in this post. I have gone through with some inner posts as well and found very interesting as well. I think with a proper plan and research we can definitely save some money in travel. From booking the flights, hotels, restaurants, car hire to many other things we can save money by finding deals, discounts and offers. I want to thank Anne again for this post. Keep writing and sharing such kinds of wonderful posts with us.

  3. Great article Anne,
    It is surprising how easy it is to travel hack yet a lot of people don’t know about it. We have recently gotten into collecting miles and points and have been able to fly on long trip international for pretty much free. In the US, we have so many opportunities to earn miles through credit cards.

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